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Al-Burhan Construction is the leading construction company in the territory of Iraq. We have been involved in key construction projects and with our multi skilled workforce, products and equipment capability we are able to provide our clients with unique design engineering and safety management disciplines which enables Al-Burhan Group team to develop lasting partnerships with our clients.The company was established in 1948, and has carried out many projects in the territory of Iraq. These include El-Ishaqi project No.6 and project No.9, which was given an award from the Ministry of Irrigation of Iraq, they have also constructed many key buildings in the Baghdad areas such as Al-Yarmook Hospital and Baghdad university.In the 60's the company had developed and implemented a program of creating a national construction company and at the time we were awarded two contracts to complete the Embankment in the north of Baghdad, and to build schools like Dejlla and Almansoor.We therefore expanded our activities in the southern area, mainly in Kuwait, built many projects in housing, schools, kindergartens and government buildings in Nasiriya. Complexes where setup for raising the capacity of work due to upgrading and enhancing of the efficiency of the building construction. The upgrading programme envisages some measures to boost the reliability, cut capital expenditure and reduce labour cost by employing an Iraqi workforce.Al-Burhan Construction has considerable investment in construction machinery. The company has a extensive list of trucks, trailers, earthwork and road construction equipment and cranes for industrial installation.

  • Business TitleAl-Burhan
  • Major Subject Of Activityعمران و ساخت و ساز
  • Profile Kindحقوقی
  • CountryIraq
  • CityBaghdad
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  • AddressAl-Burhan Centre, Baghdad International Airport, Al-Burhan Street, Baghdad, IRAQ
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Civil and construction

Complete contract for the construction of the apartment Complete contracting for the construction of residential and industrial estates Complete road construction contracting Contracting and construction of multi-storey car parks Full contract for the construction of metal and concrete bridges Full contract for the construction of the tower