BuildingSCM is a professional network in the construction industry and related fields. Our members are from various groups including civil and construction, Construction skill workers, Construction goods and material suppliers, Machineries and instrument suppliers, Architects, Supervisors and consulting engineers.

Our vision has been to provide a global and multilingual platform and also offer our members free services. So far we have activated English, Persian and Portuguese and we will add more languages as we grow worldwide.

Each member can create a free profile and receive a unique URL like:

Also profiles will be ranked based on the information completion, shared work experiences, posted projects, products and services and playing an active role in BuildingSCM by reacting to other posts. (Likes, Comments, Shares)

The ranking system would help you to move your profile higher in the search result list.

You can visit the detail of our services in Our Services

All described above is just the first phase of our website. In the second phase, the below items will be developed:

  1. Connecting the members, and reacting to others' posts.
  2. Mobile app

In the third phase, we will benefit from artificial intelligence, knowledge management and prepared patterns to reach simple project management, time and resources management. Also, members can announce project requirements in public or among your connections as auction, tender or barter.

The operational team of the BuildingSCM project includes the following people:

Hossein Ziabakhsh Hossein Ziabakhsh
Najmeh Adibigarakani Najmeh Adibigarakani
Ali AdibiGarakani Ali AdibiGarakani
Mohammad Reza Danaie Mohammad Reza Danaie
Arash Noorsalehi Arash Noorsalehi