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Field of activity
Region or City
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Civil and construction
Complete contract for the construction of the apartment Full contract for the construction of the tower Complete contracting for the construction of residential and industrial estates Complete road construction contracting Full contract for the construction of metal and concrete bridges Contracting and construction of multi-storey car parks Landscaping
Technical Services
Mapping affairs Design and architecture drawings Structural design and calculations Design of drawings of mechanical facilities Design of electrical installation plans Meters and material estimates Technical and mechanical laboratory affairs of soil and concrete Inspection of welds and fittings Contracting services Building hardening operations Building joinery operation Contracting for repair, reconstruction and retrofitting of the building
Demolition and excavation
Building demolition operation Excavation operations Candle execution operation Carrying soil and construction debris Land leveling Building substructure Concrete demolition services
Concrete foundations and structures
Implantation of rebars and reinforcement Execution of concreting
Steel structures
Execution of steel frame Bending and cutting Structural welding Execution of bolt and nut connections Execution of composite ceilings
New structures
Reinforced wall panels made of AAC lightweight concrete Cubiax roof system 2-sided slab Tunnel slab
Building infrastructure
Foam concrete Pumice and slope Floor substructure
Execution of various types of building roofs
Design and implementation of sloping roofs Design and implementation of movable roof Design and implementation of roof skylights
Wall and floor operation of the building
Porcelain blades and masonry Wall cementing Building tiling Floor mosaic Masonry services Run the stairs Stone and cement walls Cellulose wall covering services Execution of plastering and whitewashing
Building insulation
Waterproofing operations Waterproofing operation Thermal insulation operation Sound insulation operation Fireproof insulation operation
Building electrical installations
Operation of electrical installations and electrical wiring of the building Construction and implementation of electrical panels and meters Design and implementation of lighting Earth well drilling and execution services Install and run iPhone Installation and implementation of central antenna Installation and implementation of central telephone
Public building facilities
Implementation of building plumbing system Execution of sewage piping system Implementation of building fire piping system Installation of tanks and water pumps Pipe opener and leak detection services Installation and service of various types of fans, fans and centrifuges Installation and service of water purifiers Design and implementation of central vacuum cleaner Sewer drilling services Execution of waste shooting canalization Performing dry sauna, steam, Jacuzzi
Refrigeration and heating systems
Design and implementation of underfloor heating systems Installer of radiator and towel dryer Installer and service of package and wall water heater Design and implementation of central home engine Installer and service of gas and split air conditioners Water cooler installation Construction and implementation of air conditioning and ventilation ducts Operator of air conditioning systems Executor of design and commissioning of chiller and condenser Executor of design and commissioning of cooling towers Executor of design and commissioning of solar (solar) systems Executor of fireplace design and execution Installation and service of gas heaters
Facade services
Architectural plan of the building facade Facade welding services Execution of stone and brick facade Execution of thermo-wood facade Execution of composite facade Execution of glass facades and security Execution of mineral view Execution of dry facade Facade cleaning and repair services
Landscaping operations
Executor of design and implementation of villa yards Executor of design and execution of green space Construction and installation of various pavilions Executor of design and implementation of swimming pools, ponds and ponds Executor of waterfall design and implementation Executor of design and manufacture of stone and concrete furniture Construction and implementation of park lights Executor of design and execution of cement cutting
Execution of elevators, lifts and escalators
Executor of elevator design and installation, elevator service Escalator design and implementation, periodic service Construction and implementation of construction elevators Construction and implementation of overhead cranes
Types of doors and windows
Construction and execution of simple aluminum doors and windows Manufacture and implementation of dedicated aluminum doors and windows Construction and implementation of UPVC doors and windows Construction and execution of iron doors and windows Manufacture and installation of various door frames and frames Install anti-theft door Construction and installation of parking doors and yards Manufacture of door guards Double glazed and ordinary glass service Construction and installation of security guards
Services Wood and metal
Construction and installation of wooden interior doors Construction and installation of cupboards and wall sconces Construction and installation of metal accordion Construction and installation of wooden cabinets Construction and installation of metal cabinets
Interior decoration of the building
Painting and painting the building Install wallpaper Design and implementation of knauf Carpet installation Design and sewing all kinds of curtains Installation and service of blinds and louvers Design and implementation of Green Roof and Green Wall Design and manufacture of ceiling flowers, bedding Installation and execution of various baseboards Installation and execution of various types of parquet Install and execute partitions Design and implementation of patina and pottery
Building safety and protection
Design and implementation of fire alarm and extinguishing system Design and implementation of CCTV and alarm cameras Design and implementation of electric and remote parking doors Manpower services Physical protection and guarding Design and implementation of smart homes Lock and key services
Building cleaning services
Dismantling the workshop Garbage loading and transportation services Flooring and washing services
Building gas facilities
Building plumbing operations
Engineering technical equipment and tools
Surveying tools and equipment Drawing tools and equipment Laboratory tools and equipment for building
Hardware and metal materials
Types of hardware, rebars and profiles Types of metal fittings and braces Types of aluminum profiles All kinds of wrought artifacts Types of iron and galvanized wires and cables
Equipment and machinery for concrete structures
Types of manual and machine rebars Types of concrete pumps Building molding tools and equipment All kinds of beam and cement block machines Reinforcement equipment and supplies Types of non-cement blocks
Materials of steel structures and modern equipment
Types of crackers All kinds of welding equipment and devices and welding equipment Types of steel bolts Concrete and concrete components
Concrete and concreting of buildings
Types of concrete beams Types of light and heavy concrete blocks Types of concrete and three-dimensional panels Types of concrete partition walls Types of concrete floor-concrete wash Types of concrete additives Types of concrete manhole boxes
Types of bricks and pottery products
Types of bricks and cement blocks All kinds of refractory bricks and products Types of rough bricks Types of building roof tiles and sloping roofs Types of block bricks
Types of building materials
Types of closed, packaged and bulk cement Types of closed, enveloped and bulk gypsum All kinds of sand and bulk stone powder Types of mosaics Types of packaged and bulk lime
Building Tools
All kinds of building electrical tools and equipment All kinds of adhesives, resins and similar chemical products All kinds of tools and small details Types of plastic and nylon and nylon covers Types of fences, wire guards and barbed wire
Building insulation materials and tools
Bitumen and sacking Waterproofing and insulation Types of sound insulation Types of thermal insulation Types of fire insulation
Electrical appliances and lighting
Types of switches and sockets and lighting connections Types of copper wires and cables Types of electrical panels Types of switches and controls Types of iPhone and video door opener, smart All kinds of chandeliers and lighting accessories Types of lamps, fluorescents and LEDs Types of sensors and electronic lighting eyes Types of PVC pipes and fittings and hoses Types of trays, ducts and ladders for cables Types of antennas and video equipment Types of PBX
Pipes and construction facilities
Types of pumps, equipment and supplies of pumps Types of metal and polyethylene tanks Polymer pipes and fittings Metal pipes and fittings and fire Gas supply pipes and fittings All kinds of plumbing tools and equipment
Building sanitary ware
Ceramic Tile Toilet and toilet flush tank Types of construction valves Types of industrial water supply valves Types of agricultural water supply valves Decorative accessories for bathroom and toilet Types of bathtubs and Jacuzzis Types of shower cabins and saunas Types of Iranian and French toilets
Building stones
Types of artificial stones Types of facade stones A variety of decorative stones and puzzles and decorative Types of stair stones Types of marble stones Types of decorative stone columns and Roman facades
Heating-cooling equipment and supplies
Types of packages, radiators and wall-mounted water heaters All kinds of central engine room systems equipment Types of chillers and condensers and related equipment and supplies All kinds of underfloor heating equipment Types of gas heaters and water heaters and related equipment and All kinds of fireplace equipment Types of boilers and heating tanks
Types of wall and floor coverings
Types of wallpaper Types of cellulose coatings All kinds of sheets and accessories for wood and PVC wall sconces Types of industrial parquet and flooring Types of polyester carpets and floors
Types of ironmongery
Types of entrance door handles and interior doors Types of hinges and fittings All kinds of metal and plastic bolts All kinds of fencing and protection fittings Types of cabinet fittings
Kitchen equipment
Types of desktop gas and individual wall Types of hoods and air conditioners Types of sinks All kinds of metal equipment cabinets
Types of glass and skylights
Types of single glazed Types of double glazed Types of temper glass All kinds of accessories and equipment for ceiling and wall skylights Types of polycarbonate sheets
Construction doors
Types of wooden doors Types of doors and anti-theft frames
Types of facade composites
Types of composite facade sheets Types of new facade materials Types of drywall accessories and materials
Building safety and security equipment
Types of CCTV and its equipment Types of theft notification systems All kinds of fire alarm and extinguishing equipment and fire extinguishers Types of locks and electric switches All kinds of work clothes and building safety equipment Types of metal guards and fences
Landscaping materials and equipment
Types of water features, ponds and related accessories Types of materials needed for pavilions and barbecues All kinds of recreational equipment, children's land All kinds of city furniture and park and street benches
Elevator and elevator accessories and escalators
Types of elevator and lift motors and gearboxes Types of automatic and manual elevator doors Types of cables and pulleys Types of steel rails All kinds of sensors and electrical appliances for elevators Types of elevator cabins and related equipment and supplies Types of escalators and related equipment and supplies All kinds of equipment for control panel and elevator display panel Types of construction elevators and related equipment and supplies
Demolition and excavation machinery and tools
Concrete demolition tools and machines Building demolition tools and machines Types of loaders, excavators, graders, rollers All kinds of trucks, transport machines and trailers
Rental of construction machinery and tools
Rental of concreting and formwork tools Rental of welding tools and metal structures Rental of surveying tools Rental of demolition and excavation tools Sales or rental of cranes and construction hoists Rental of flooring tools Sales or rental of electric motors and pumps Rental of scaffolding